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Linus Health seeks to radically improve brain health outcomes for people everywhere by transforming the way we measure, monitor, and maintain brain function. Starting with better brain health assessments, we are leveraging advancements in neuroscience technology, machine learning, and human expertise to enable precision brain health. DCTclock™, our digital clock drawing assessment, was recently named one of TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2021, in recognition of its innovative advancement of a longstanding test for detecting cognitive impairment.

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The brain is as complex as the universe

Our brains contain nearly 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion synapses. Though vastly different in scale, this neuronal network displays similar levels of complexity and self-organization as the universe’s network of galaxies. This complexity poses a significant challenge to deciphering brain function and assessing or quantifying brain health. No single metric or measure can provide a complete picture, and current methods—while powerful—are time-consuming, invasive, and prohibitively expensive.

The Linus platform uses everyday mobile technology to deliver meaningful insights more quickly and affordably than current gold-standard assessments. Our multimodal approach is built on an array of scientifically validated tools and cross-validation metrics to provide a constellation of digital biomarkers and enable a more holistic assessment of neurocognitive health.

Our solutions

The Linus platform brings together a full suite of scientifically-validated and user-friendly digital tools that enable remote precision monitoring of brain health, anytime and anywhere. Our flexible digital platform can be customized to the needs of each user — whether a healthcare professional, a researcher, a caregiver, or an individual looking after their own health.

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Brain health has become increasingly important as we live longer lives. With the 65+ population doubling by 2060, there is a growing need for more accessible, quantitative brain health monitoring that can enable early detection and intervention and inform care decisions for seniors, whether at home, in assisted living, or in memory care. Linus Health’s interactive mobile platform tracks changes in overall health, cognition, mental health, lifestyle, and reserve and resilience to provide meaningful insights so we can keep our brains healthier, longer.

Multimodal, longitudinal brain health monitoring enables proactive care to ensure better outcomes

Social engagement features facilitate interaction with family members and improve resident and family satisfaction

Timely, objective data allows providers to measure effectiveness of programs, justify costs, and support major care decisions

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