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A healthy brain.
For your whole life.

At Linus Health we strive to help people maintain their brain and mental health throughout their lives by transforming how we monitor, screen, maintain and even alter our neurocognitive trajectory.

We enable and inspire individuals, physicians, caregivers, providers, communities, organizations and societies across the globe to make maintaining brain health a habit.

A new way of understanding brain health

Advances in digital technology and machine learning have unearthed an array of phenotypic information that we can now capture for the first time.

This new information paves the way to the discovery of digital biomarkers of brain health. These biomarkers will allow the detection, diagnosis and even prevention of neurocognitive conditions years before symptoms appear.

One flexible solution that meets your needs

Linus brings together a variety of best-in-class and FDA-cleared neurocognitive tools onto a single digital platform, offering an easy-to-use, multimodal solution that can be customized for each user—whether a clinician, a healthcare professional, a researcher, a caregiver or an individual looking after his or her own brain health.

Precise tools and meaningful data through a plug-and-play platform

Technology that makes an impact on detection, diagnostics and treatment.

The Linus platform allows the coordinated collection of large amounts of information about digital measurements—such as voice, speech, gait, cognition and eye movement—that may have a bearing on brain health and lead to the identification of digital biomarkers.

Applying machine learning methods of data analysis to this rich set of measurements, together with information drawn from electronic health records, provides a composite picture with more precise metrics for evaluating the impact of potential interventions and lifestyle changes, and for offering personalized prescriptions to promote brain health.

Be part of the transformation in brain health. It’s already here.

Our platform solutions provide scientifically validated tools and data driven insights when and where you need them.

Linus for Research
Linus for Pharma
Linus for Senior Living
Linus for Clinicians

Linus for Research

Linus for Pharma

Linus for Senior Living

Linus for Clinicians

Conduct scientific research studies of brain health with maximum efficacy and convenience for you and your study participants.

Streamline the pre-screening process for clinical trials by remotely evaluating potential trial participants accurately, conveniently and inexpensively.

Better serve seniors by using timely and objective brain health data to inform care plans, implement proactive care and optimize staffing. Address social needs by seamlessly looping in family caregivers.

Provide the best neurocognitive care to your patients with the help of timely and objective brain health data obtained by means of remote patient monitoring with telehealth capabilities.

A focus on people, privacy and security

At Linus Health, we treat security and privacy as paramount. We consider the integrity of personal information, as well as the stewardship of health data, as sacrosanct.

We will never sell data. Period.

Let’s talk about how Linus can help you transform your approach to brain health.

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