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With better brain health, age is just a number

Senior Living

Help your residents continue to lead fulfilling lives by keeping their brains healthier, longer.

  • Optimize senior care plans

    Identify and proactively manage care needs with quantitative measures of brain health

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    Mitigate risks & improve outcomes

    Provide targeted interventions and support based on personalized brain health insights

  • Differentiate your services

    Demonstrate the benefits and value of your care services with objective, multimodal data

Care provider shows a digital tablet to an older resident
Care provider shows a digital tablet to an older resident

Digital innovation for an aging population


The prevalence of neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's and dementia, increases sharply with age. As the global population ages and more people live longer, the global burden of neurocognitive diseases—and the need for high-quality, long-term care—is expected to rise. But earlier detection of neurocognitive impairment can enable earlier intervention, more informed care planning, and better outcomes for individuals and families.

The Linus platform uses a combination of digital measures to quantify current brain health, detect changes in cognitive or motor function, and recommend targeted interventions. By providing personalized brain health insights, Linus helps providers optimize senior care services, whether at home, in assisted living, or in memory care.

Keep their golden years golden


For seniors

There are many potential causes of cognitive impairment in older adults, including medication side effects, depression or anxiety, endocrine or metabolic imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, delirium, and dementia. Depending on the cause, targeted interventions or support services can be used to treat or manage the underlying condition, improve or maintain cognitive functioning, address potential safety risks, better manage comorbid conditions, and improve quality of life. With regular collection of brain health metrics, Linus can identify cognitive changes earlier and provide personalized brain health insights to better inform these care decisions.

For community operators

Ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of community residents is a top priority for any senior living community operator. But without quality data, it can be difficult to predict and address resident care needs, assess the impact of services or programs, and efficiently manage staffing levels. With Linus, operators can easily gather objective data to more regularly assess residents’ health and well-being and more accurately identify care needs. Operators can utilize Linus’ brain health insights to assess the effectiveness of their programs, support major care decisions, and demonstrate the value of their services.

For care staff

Staff retention is a long-standing challenge in senior living, and burnout is a key factor. Technologies that reduce workload burdens and improve efficiencies can help improve care staff satisfaction and reduce turnover, which in turn can improve the quality of care. Linus automates cognitive assessments and analysis and enables longitudinal monitoring, so care staff can both maximize their time and better understand resident needs. Our easy-to-use platform requires minimal training and is designed to connect directly with existing systems of record, including EHRs, so staff can focus on providing direct care instead of administrative tasks.

Personalized brain health across the continuum of care


Enhance the value of care services and make a meaningful impact with our comprehensive brain health platform

  • Objective data

    Gain alignment on major care decisions and assess impact of interventions by quantifying and monitoring brain health over time

  • Best-in-class assessments

    Identify care needs and track changes across multiple domains of brain health using scientifically validated digital assessments

  • Real-time results

    Simplify the needs assessment process with efficient digital testing, automated scoring and interpretation, and standardized reports

  • Actionable insights

    Validate and adjust care plans using convenient, regular collection of brain health data and easy to understand metrics

  • Ease of use

    Easily incorporate brain health monitoring into existing workflows with our user-friendly interface on familiar technology

  • Social engagement

    Improve resident satisfaction and keep family members informed with remote connectivity and engagement features

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